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What a match!

Austrian tennis star Dominic Tim forced Nick Kyrios 4: 6, 4: 6, 6: 3, 6: 4, 6 after a 0: 2 deficit in the third round of the Australian Open on Friday: 4 knees and wins the second duel with the Australian bad boy.

In the second round, he will face 27-year-old Lower Austria Gregor Dimitrov. In his third round match against Pablo Carreno Busta, the Bulgarian was on the field for only 39 minutes, as his Spanish opponent had to drop the injury at 6: 0, 1: 0 from Dimitrov’s viewpoint.

In front of 7,000 passionate John Cain fans, Kyrgios has grown from the start. With strong dispatch and unpleasant network attacks, the Aussie usually acts confidently in service games.

Thiem holds up well against her, but at 4: 4 the inferior Austrian has to drop serving the first and only ball in the first set. Kyrgios plays as the set progresses 1-0 at the back and does not allow the chance to break one in the second set.

Tim has to fight a lot more in service games, and eventually he has to drop serving as in the first set at 4: 4.

TEM converts to a 0: 2 deficit group

But in the third set, Kyrgios was shaken: At first the Australian could not take advantage of the opportunity to break the serve, then he had to abandon his serve to make it 2-0. With a quick break in the back, Lichtenwörther was quickly defeated to 3-0. Thiem leads the tribulation safely to the end. Both servers are untouchable in their games.

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“After resting in the third set, I noticed it could still go in my direction,” Tim said in an interview with the winner on the field. “The longer the match lasts, the better I feel.”

In Group D, the decision is made for the third time in this game with a score of 4: 4, but this time, in favor of Tim, who after 15:40 received the Australian service with the third ball of the break. Kyrgios Model: After the two defended the breakballs and the Kyrgios ball, the Bird of Paradise wanted to shine through its legs with a botched twinner. A mistake has dire consequences from the Australian’s point of view. Tim served with the second half to equalize the group.

In the decision group, servers continue to dominate. Only at 3: 3 Thiem gets its first chance to break, but it places a limit that just made next to the line. Nevertheless, Tim remains informed and finally gets the crucial break on the second attempt.

Tim: Nothing is impossible.

For the fourth time in his career, Tim won five sets after trailing 0-2 set. Most recently, the world number three hit the feat last year in the US Open final against Alex Zverev.

The idea of ​​his greatest victory so far helped him to surrender under: “Surrender is not an option – I have known that since the final match at Flushing Meadows. There is always a possibility as long as the game is not over.

Tim also garnered a lot of praise from his opponents Kergios: “He’s a great player when he’s really on fire. There are tasks that are easier than playing against him in his favorite spot. It’s one of the toughest challenges in the sport.”

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