Will the World Cup matches be held in Rostock?

When Jens Putzier, board member and manager of the Rostock Griffins second-tier soccer team, thinks of international soccer matches in his home country, he cares. Chief Greifen’s ideas could soon become a reality. The FIFA World Cup will be held in Germany in the summer of 2023. Rostock Ostseestadion is also a potential venue.


“I see the World Cup award for Germany and the idea of ​​including Rostock as a venue as a great opportunity for our sport in the whole state and as a reward for the work of our clubs here,” says Potzier.

When applying as the host country, AFVD President Robert Huber explained the sport’s growing popularity and importance in this country: “Our goal is not only for Germany to be a competent country, but also a generous and experienced host, and the 2023 World Cup aims to The sustainable advancement of sport in Germany and around the world.”

The facts prove that American football has long been no longer a marginal sport in Germany. Week after week, millions of people watch late-night TV when their favorite Major League Soccer (NFL) team appears. Football is also becoming more and more important in many sporting venues in Germany.

The AFVD currently has around 500 associations with more than 70,000 members – and this trend is on the rise. It is a pleasure for many athletes and fans to have a major tournament in their country in the summer of 2023.

Stadiums as full as possible should cause World Cup fever when defending champions Germany host the USA, European runners-up Italy and Sweden, Australia as the winners of the Oceania qualifiers and the remaining representatives from Asia, America and Africa. the best in the world.

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Eight modern stadiums in Germany were presented as potential venues in the application. Rostock Ostseestadion is already one potential site. “The Federation has seen the continuous development of our sport for years in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and above all in Rostock: “The number of spectators at the Griffins matches at Ostsstadion also gives hope in the background in the summer of 2023,” says Potzier.

Only in September several thousand spectators attended the Griffins game at the Eustsstadion. In October, Rostokers Jonas Bommer and Ben Nuenberg were invited to a viewing course for the national team.

The stadiums in which the World Cup will be played also depend on the locations where ideal framework conditions can be created during the football summer holidays, the planned period of the event. Griffins president Jens Putzier is confidently looking forward to potential matches at Rostock: “I can imagine we have good cards.”

Should one or more World Cup matches take place in the Hanseatic City, Griffins and US Soccer and Cheerleading Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (AFCV) have pledged to put together a local organizing team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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