For iPhone users, here’s how to capture an entire web page

How to photograph a complete web page for iPhoneSome iPhone users complain about their inability to take a complete screenshot when using the Safari browser for the web page, but although the method is easy and simple, many of them actually do not know about it at all, so we offer you a way to take a screenshot of the entire web browser For those who use iPhone phones.

How to photograph a complete web page for iPhone

For those who want to take a complete screenshot of the web page, whether it is for an article, a recipe, or something, the following steps can be followed:

  • Open the article through the Safari website and hit the screenshot button.
  • And then click on the small image shown after capturing the image on the left side.
  • After that, the captured image is opened in front of you and you can edit it, and these are the steps that many iPhone users do and do not know the next steps.
  • Some people may not notice the other option, which is Full Page or Full Page, when taking the picture, as this option is pressed.
  • Then you will notice that the entire page is visible in front of you and that you can look to the right side of the image so that you can crop, modify or save the image.

And as we mentioned, they are easy and simple steps to take a full screen image of the web page, as when someone realized this method he explained that at that time he gave a loud gasp and was heard from the horror of surprise, and another reported that she was surprised that she did not have to take the page two hundred times to keep the entire article, Yes, there is a large group of people who were clearly overlooking that characteristic.

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Take a screenshot by clicking on the phone

The usual way to take a screenshot of an iPhone is by pressing the side buttons of the phone, but the iPhone X phones, as well as any other phones running an operating system higher than IOS 14, can be changed in the settings where the image is taken by clicking on the phone from the back and not the buttons.

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