Joe Biden asserts that this is “only the beginning” of sanctions against Cuba

Washington.- President United State, Joe BidenHe stressed that the sanctions imposed on Thursday by his government on the authorities Cuba They are “only the beginning,” and that they will continue to impose restrictions due to the “oppression of the Cuban people.”

Biden This came in a statement, shortly after the US Treasury announced sanctions against the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces Minister, Alvaro López Meira, and against an elite military unit known popularly as “Black Hornets” or “Black Hornets”. hats”.

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According to the sanctions, they were imposed on Cuban officials United State It is considered directly involved in human rights abuses during the 11 July protests in Cuba.

The sanctions form part of the US President’s government’s response to the situation on the island, which also includes measures to try to improve internet access in the country. Cuba And studying the possibility of re-authorizing transfers to the state.

The United States imposes sanctions on the Minister of the Cuban Armed Forces

United State This Thursday to punish a minister Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) From Cuba, Álvaro Lopez Meira, and a special military unit popularly known as the “Black Hornets” or “Black Berets”.

In a statement, the US Treasury announced the sanctions, holding those authorities responsible for the suppression of the July 11 anti-government protests in Cuba.

Lopez Meira is a confidant of former Cuban President Raul Castro, who also served as Minister of the island’s Royal Army for decades. The “black hornet” is the common name for an elite unit known as the Ministry of the Interior’s National Brigade.

Sanctions prohibit any assets owned by Lopez Meira or members of that elite unit under US jurisdiction, and prohibit persons in the United States from negotiating with them.


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