Artificial Solar Nuclear Fusion Reactor: Artificial Sun: A new record for China’s “artificial sun” energy production; Add to the worries of the world! – Chinese science news: Synthetic solar nuclear fusion reactor sets new world record, takes lead in arms race for unlimited energy


  • China’s successful experience in energy production
  • A unique reactor power generation experience
  • The United States and Britain are following suit

Beijing China :

China’s artificial sun once again set a new world record. hidden The nuclear fusion reactor emitted at 700 million degrees Celsius for 1056 seconds or about 17 minutes. In the meantime, the world became increasingly concerned about the enormous energy emitted by China’s fake sun.

China’s artificial sun set a new record on December 30. This is the first time such a large amount of energy has been generated from a reactor. Earlier, 1.2 crores of energy was emitted from this artificial sun.

Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences launched the Tokamak Advanced Experimental Superconducting Heating System (EAST) project. Here helium is formed with the help of hydrogen. During this time a large amount of energy is generated.

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Gong Xianguo, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, announced on Friday that power generation could reach 70 million degrees Celsius. The experiment is being carried out in Hefei under the supervision of Gong.

“In the first six months of 2021, we reached 101 seconds and 1.2 crore degrees Celsius. This time the plasma process starts in about 1056 seconds. Meanwhile, the temperature was around 70 million degrees Celsius. Gong said during a conversation with the official dialogue committee. In China, Xinhua, this has created a solid scientific and experimental basis for the operation of a fusion-based reactor.

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Some developed countries around the world are struggling to find similar technologies to give humans unlimited energy. Because of this successful experience of China America And Britain Such countries should be prepared for similar research.

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