Another earthquake in Croatia: People panic in the streets again

The new earthquake occurred around 6 pm, according to data from the US Geological Survey, according to which the epicenter near the town of Petringa was severely damaged by the devastating earthquakes that occurred last Tuesday. The Croatian Institute of Seismology put the strength at 5.0. The earthquake was felt in central Croatia, including the capital, Zagreb, 50 km away.

“People were running to the streets again” Julina Mayor Stepan Kostangevic told N1 Regional TV. Wings fell from the roofs … I hope there will be no casualties. he added. On December 29, the Petranga, Sisak and Jalina region was hit by an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude, killing seven people. The area was affected by earthquakes from the previous day, with the consequences occurring later in the week.

On Wednesday, prior to a new earthquake, provincial authorities said that more than 22,000 buildings had been reported so far in Sisak Moslavina County. 20 percent of the 8,743 buildings inspected were completely destroyed. The earthquake directly affected 116,000 people and caused 66,000 inhabitants. Damages have been reported in 3,000 family homes, 750 stores, and over 800 businesses. According to county authorities, the situation is under control, but initial aid has nearly been depleted. The largest shortage of perennial foods has been reported.

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