Why can’t we record and capture screenshots on Netflix?

If you are a user NetflixYou might have come across a situation where you want to share a movie or a very fond sentence in the movie you are watching, but when you take a screenshot as usual, the image is back ‘black and white’.

The translation is still visible, but the content is not

The reason for this is also easy to understand. Netflix is ​​a company that specializes in providing Internet TV content, and their revenue comes from watching that content. In other words, sharing Netflix content outside of their platform for others to see is like you touch the “pocket money” of the company.

Therefore, Netflix is ​​forced to take measures to prevent illegal fraud and illegal content smuggling by recording and taking screenshots.

The question is, how does Netflix prevent users from taking these actions? Netflix itself has never officially answered this question, so we still have to rely on analysis and judgment from tech-savvy individuals.

According to an analysis done on Quora, content platforms like Netflix are using DRM (Digital Rights Management) to encrypt their movies and protect them from sharing abroad. Often times, a content provider like Netflix will have to use many different DRM systems because users can not only access movies through the app, but also through many different browsers and operating systems.

However, one interesting thing you should know is that not all devices and browsers are prohibited from taking screenshots on Netflix. By reviewing the comments of some Netflix users on this topic, it can be seen that some Windows computers, Android phones or even iPhones can still take normal screenshots.

Why We Can't Record Screenshots on Netflix - Photo 2.
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If Netflix uses DRM, why is there this contrast? Same is iPhone, but some people take screenshots and some don’t. One of the more detailed explanations is that because Netflix’s DRM doesn’t work in sync with a user’s browser or OS version, their device can still take screenshots as usual.

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In addition to the DRM app, another convincing explanation comes from a Quora user who claims to be working on Netflix. According to him, the reason you were unable to record screenshots of Netflix movies is because they shook hands with device manufacturers “against you”.

Why We Can't Record Screenshots on Netflix - Photo 5.

(Subtitle brief) “When taking screenshots, the device manufacturer adopts two features at the same time, exclusive content playback and screen capture feature. Mobile company exclusive video versus the screen capture feature you are using”

In simple terms, when you take a screenshot, you are trying to use the device hardware feature to bypass the app’s video playback. Meanwhile, the manufacturer will intentionally protect the interests of the service provider and “ignore” whether or not you get the screen image you want.

Not to mention that the respondent is a Netflix employee, this explanation is also very reasonable, because some Android phones are not blocked from taking screenshots, at least it may be due to the manufacturer not cooperating with Netflix. Especially when this phone line is produced. Or, your software has not been updated (or jailbroken / rooted), so the ability to take screenshots is unlimited.

Either way, it’s understandable and fair that Netflix and other digital content platforms are trying to protect their revenue. You can’t feel comfortable if you still lose a few tens of thousands of months, but there are still other people watching “smuggling” in good quality, right?

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