An unprecedented security battle in West Bengal at midnight 1017913 | Tomorrow’s Voice

Voting will start in West Bengal, India, at midnight. In the first phase of the state’s 6-point election, the fate test will be held tomorrow in 30 electoral districts. Voting in the remaining 264 constituencies will take place in another seven stages. The elections will last until April 29 and the results will be announced on May 2. Unprecedented security arrangements have been made for this year’s elections in West Bengal.

The election commission, determined to vote freely and peacefully, effectively paralyzed the region with paramilitary forces. Only in these 30 central stalls are there 64 companies of the Central Forces.

The role of West Bengal state police is very limited in what the Indian Election Commission has done in this election. The issue of security for the paramilitaries was left throughout the voting process. In India, paramilitaries are under the central government and the state government controls the state police.

According to the sources, there will only be centralized forces 100 meters outside the booths, with police in each state carrying a stick to guard the voter line.

The BJP has repeatedly demanded that the state police be removed from the voting process. That is why Trinamall says the Election Commission conducts opinion polls on the words of the BJP.

In tomorrow’s polls, there will be 63 companies in Bankura in the Central Army, 144 companies in Jargram, 124 companies in Midnapur West, 145 companies in Midnapur East, and 165 companies in Borolia.

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