An Asian man struck unconscious on the subway, only the other passengers saw

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New York Acts of assault on people Asia From United States of America (United States) continues to happen. This time it happened to a man who was beaten by strangers on the subway to Manhattan.

A video clip, viewed 3.7 million times, shows the man in the face being beaten and shoved behind a chair. The attacker also punched him in the head at least 30 times, then raised him from behind and choked him unconscious. After the victim’s body limped, the attacker pushed her head onto the chair, and she fell on the ground and hit her head.

The worrying thing is that there was not a single passenger in the full subway car to assist the victim. In the video, several young men were seen raising their necks to get a clearer look at the Asian man being beaten. When the victim’s head hit the ground, it seemed that a woman began to applaud but suddenly stopped.

The New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes Unit has posted a letter asking for help providing information about the incident.

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Radio journalist Steve Kastenbaum was quoted as saying, “It is surprising that no one has come to help this man.” Russia TodayWednesday (3/31/2021).

But the scavenger’s reaction appears unusual, at least by New York standards. When a 61-year-old American man of Filipino descent was attacked in a subway car in February and snapped with a trunk from ear to ear, no other passengers intervened. Indeed, after the attack, the victim had to seek help on his own, as no eyewitness had called for an ambulance or any other help. She received about 100 stitches to close the wound.

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Although surveillance video footage showed that he was a young black man, local activists responded to the attack by holding rallies against “white nationalism.”

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