Ambassador’s wife to South Korea demands immunity to avoid accusations – Prinsa Latina

Xiang Xueqiu was accused of slapping two store assistants on April 9 after she was asked if she had paid for the clothes in her possession.

CCTV footage released to the media showed her leaving the Seoul store, with her assistant running after her.

She was then seen pulling the arm and hitting one of the staff members on the head, then slapping another worker who had stepped in to help.

Her husband, Ambassador Peter Lesquire, apologized shortly afterwards on behalf of his wife, saying he deeply regrets the incident.

Regardless of the circumstances, he added, his reaction was unacceptable, stressing that Chiang would cooperate with the authorities.

Sources from Yongsan Police Station in central Seoul said, however, that the embassy “has stated that it will reserve the right of immunity for the ambassador’s wife.”

As a result, the police will drop the case, according to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which South Korea has signed.

The Belgian embassy said Chiang, 63, was hospitalized in late April after suffering a stroke.

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