AMBA passengers who arrived on the last flight from the United Kingdom tested negative for Coronavirus and have been isolated

Since the reopening of tourism in the city of Buenos Aires, 31,795 test results have been obtained: 31,586 were negative and 209 positive

The company trip BA245 British Airways It landed at Ezeiza International Airport from London yesterday at 9:10, ten minutes before the estimated time of arrival. The 175 passengers waited at least three hours inside the plane: they had traveled for more than thirteen hours from the other side of the Atlantic.. A health bubble waited for them in the airport lounge, after the government decided to suspend all flights with Great Britain due to the emergence of a new strain of Corona virus.

There was confusion and improvisation and a special and sudden protocol was implemented that forced the sanitation and the release of the immigration zone to avoid contagion of other passengers who arrived on two other flights from Europe – Air France at 8.45 am from Paris and Iberia at 8.55 from Madrid.

Relatives who waited outside the Ezeiza platforms dealt with various, informal information: media copies and orders they shared from passengers who could be contacted from inside the plane. There were reports that all of them would be isolated in a hotel in Buenos Aires, or that a series of groups had been arranged to send travelers at home addresses.

Without official information from the ministries that coordinated the reception of the last authorized flight from the United Kingdom, the Health and Transport File and the National Directorate of Immigration (DNM), affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior, the special operation that was installed at the airport was reported by a passenger and in charge of the tests.

Franco David Chea He is 23 years old and is a striker for AO Paleochoras in Greek Football League fourth division. With inferior players in Independiente and his past in promotion clubs like Colegiales and Midland, he emigrated to Europe in the middle of last year. He has since not returned to the country. I had a round trip on Friday, December 18th by Iberia. An hour before boarding, they canceled the flight and reassigned the flight on Sunday 20 by the British. He regrets his misfortune without knowing that he will travel on the last flight from London.

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According to the health file, 394 passengers have arrived from England in the past 10 days
According to the health file, 394 passengers have arrived from England in the past 10 days

He learned this officially when he arrived the next day at Ezeiza Airport. “When we landed at 9:10 we were told it was the last plane to leave the UK. We were on the plane from 9 am to 12 am,” he said in an interview with journalist Diego Schurman on Continental Radio. He said the plane was full, there was no space between the passengers and that proper use of the mask was respected. He revealed that they first made the population of Buenos Aires down, then those who reported home in the interior of the country and finally those who lived in the province of Buenos Aires.

He descended in the second shift. Outside, his father was waiting for him to take him home, Rosario. They asked him for an affidavit and proof of his negative test that he had given before boarding the plane. He was a few minutes late and asked him, according to his testimony, to confine himself to at least seven days. He didn’t mind losing Christmas in a normal context, and he was delighted to see his family again a year and a half later. A national government publication advertised the same term: Passengers had to certify a negative PCR test and COVID insurance to enter the country and complete a one-week isolation.

A source close to the national authorities stated that “with passive PCR, they can enter but will check passengers with passengers, city by city, house to house.” Follow up also admit it Mario SheeterScientific director of Lectus, the company responsible for testing passengers on the last British flight. “The entire flight will be monitored for at least the next seven days,” said journalist Luis Novarcio by radio the network.

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The expert admitted that they were urgently called to conduct studies exclusively on passengers coming from Great Britain. “They asked me to organize an operation at Eziza Medical Center to perform polymerase chain reaction (PCR) swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs, in real time to the passengers on this particular flight.. They are exactly the same tests we do in clinics, sanatoriums and hospitals in molecular biology laboratories, but at the right time. He warned that the result would be reached within two hours. What he didn’t know was whether he should have scanned the seventy passengers or the five who got on the plane without doing a previous PCR scan.

Saliva screening cabins at Ezeiza Airport (Gustavo Javote)
Saliva screening cabins at Ezeiza Airport (Gustavo Javote)

All BA245 passengers who declared their residence in the city and province of Buenos Aires gave negative results. “When we learned of the national clause to suspend flights and the arrival of the latter this morning, we decided to quarantine passengers who had announced their residency in the province of Buenos Aires,” the Deputy Regional Health Minister said. Nicholas Criblak by statement. The Buenos Aires Health Bag reported that it ordered preventive and home isolation of those who arrived yesterday from Great Britain. “They completed an affidavit with the residence address and the contact phone number. Upon verifying the validity of the data and assessing the conditions of residence, it was declared that the isolation be home, for a period of fourteen days with telephone monitoring,” they confirmed.

There are 38 Argentinians and nine foreign passengers who have been quarantined in their homes in the province of Buenos Aires. For its part, the city confirmed that 113 people mentioned in their statement under section their residence in the Buenos Aires region. “We are working in coordination and around the clock between the provincial government, the Directorate of Immigration and the National Ministry of Health to be able to provide all the necessary conditions to monitor the isolation of these people and to avoid, as much as possible, the installation of the new strain in the Ministry of Information Management, Permanent Education and Supervision of the Ministry of Health in Buenos Aires.” Iris “is our country because it will be a very complicated situation.”

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The official said that the follow-up phone has two purposes: Check for isolation compliance and work to proceed as soon as any symptoms appear. He reported that the measure had been extended to all passengers who had arrived from the UK and Italy – where circulation of the new strain had already been recorded – in the past 10 days. According to the statement issued by the Province of Buenos Aires:The health portfolio has already identified 394 passengers from England and 136 arriving from Italy in the past 10 days for inclusion also in phone follow-up and the ability to conduct a diagnostic test to rule out positive cases of COVID-19 among recent arrivals into the country.They reported from the Ministry of the Interior that they notify all enforcement authorities – the provinces and the city of Buenos Aires – of the address and contacts of passengers who arrived from the European island to operate preventive controls.

2,285 people were tested on Monday, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports: 600 at the Munich Building, 775 at the Buenos Aires Convention Center (CEC), 472 at Dellepiane Station, 890 at Ezeiza Airport, 175 at the San Lorenzo property and 332 in Mobile health unit. In total, the number of people tested was 39,057 and 31,795 cumulative results, being 31,586 negative and 209 positive.

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