All About Astrological Evidence for Broken Hearts, TV Series on Netflix

he is called The Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts The new great Netflix TV series which puts a young thirty-year-old haunted by misfortune at the center of the scene, with a job where no one lets her shine and a broken relationship that continues to hurt her. The heroine of this new Italian TV series that will be released on October 27, 2021 is called Alice: played by Claudia Gusmano, In design and attitude, it is very reminiscent of Jessica Day from new girl Played by Zooey Deschanel. In short, there is only one Bridget Jones, but there are many variations on the topic that is meant to stay in the hearts of spectators and readers. And Alice, the undisputed hero in this new series based on the novel of the same name by Sylvia Zuca, has all the credentials to break through.

Protagonist Claudia Gusmano in a scene from the Netflix series.

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In addition to not only that, the series has a wonderfully feminine imprint: it was written by a woman, The Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts (which will come in the first season in 6 episodes) produced by Bindu de Stoppani and directed by she and co-star Michela Andreozzi.

This project makes several points in favor of the Italian series, often overshadowed by major international productions: in fact already 56 thousand generations and the latest Luna Park, both streaming on Netflix, made us understand that we’re second to none especially if the scripts come from successful novels like Silvia Zucca’s. Millennials are also a constant lifeline for writers and directors, who map out thoughts and reflections on life beginning with – somewhat unfortunate – their heroes.

Alice Basu (Gusmano) is thirty years old with an interesting job – she’s a production assistant at a small television network – but she is undervalued despite her willingness, stubbornly ignored, and never considered for promotions or raises. Her love life is also bad, as her ex-date is about to get married and have a baby (with another, of course). Thanks to Tio, who is working on the most followed series on his network, he will discover a way Stars and stars that can guide his way. And in a friend he will find, in fact, astrological evidence for broken hearts Like her and a starting point for the search for love.

Trailer for Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts on Netflix

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The film was shot entirely in Turin, a city that shines not only for being the site of many national and international productions but also because it will host Eurovision 2022. Alice travels the city streets with her friends and colleagues in search of a place in the world that she cannot find alone. Horoscopes won’t be too reliable for her, but according to her friend Teo Dating compatible people from an astrological point of view Winner: It costs nothing to try. This is the first season of this Italian series arriving on Netflix on October 27, 2021 It’s the first step to understanding if the answers are really in the stars. Or maybe we already have it right in front of our eyes, and the star-link tools are giving us a helping hand to connect the dots.

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