After great efforts to cut off the main international trade route, the Suez Canal ship was partially flooded and set off.

Cairo, Egypt – The mega container ship was partially reloaded at the start of Monday, blocking traffic on the Suez Canal, disrupting an important global trade route, and attracting world attention.

Lieutenant-General Osama Rabbi, head of the Suez Canal Administration, said in a statement that the ship Evergiven succeeded in sailing after the ship responded to the towing and towing maneuvers.

He added that the stern of the ship was now located 102 meters (334 feet) outside the sea.

The canal administration and the separate marine logistics company, Enscape, which manages navigation in the canal, said the 1,400-foot vessel is now 80 percent empty.

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A skyscraper-sized ship crashed diagonally in the southern part of the Suez Canal on Tuesday. A total of 367 ships leftIncluding dozens of container ships and bulk carriers, the main commercial route cannot be used on Monday morning.

The canal administration said on Sunday that bulldozers were working over the weekend to dislodge the ballast ship and transport about 27,000 metric tons of sand at a depth of 60 feet.

It added that 14 boats were conducting triple towing maneuvers to chase the vessel.

The maneuvers had to be repeated when the tide raised the water level again.

The canal authority said it sends “an assurance report to the international maritime community to resume navigation in the canal once the vessel is fully floated.”

A Japanese ship flying the Panama flag and carrying cargo between Asia and Europe has stopped all traffic on the canal. Experts fear it will take several weeks to liberalize and clean up roads, which accounts for about 12 percent of global trade.

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The closure threatened to cut off oil and gas supplies from the Middle East to Europe. Previously Syria began organizing fuel distribution in the war-torn country The Associated Press reported that this was due to concerns about delayed shipments.

Shwe Kisen Kaisha, the ship’s owner, said she is considering removing the containers if other resuscitation measures fail.

NBC News said early on Monday that the ship had not fully floated and the rescue operation had been suspended due to the return of the water level, which had been a challenge throughout the operation.

Reported by Charlene Gobash in Cairo, Arata Yamamoto in Tokyo, and Ritchie Duchenne in Los Angeles.

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