This is Maria, the influential daughter of Guardiola who revolutionized the news of Spain and the UK

There is no talk of anything else in England. Dele Alli was caught in a bar kissing Maria, Guardiola’s eldest daughter, A young influencer who is today an absolute champion in British newspapers and in the digital newspapers of most media. Maria is the eldest of Pep’s three children and entrepreneur Christina Serra, owner of the successful company that bears her name.

She is 19 years old (in 2021 she will be 20 years old), and she is most famous on social networks because she discovers that she is influential through the poses that she carries in her official profile. 40 thousand followers, and he has a restricted account And not everyone wants to give it a “follow-up”. His wall is replete with pictures of his travels, luxury hotels and fine restaurants …

But Mariah also shows a familiar side on her social media. To celebrate her father’s birthday, the young woman shared a delicate photo of the two of them merging in a warm black and white hug. Her two younger siblings are not well known in networks and prefer to stay on the sidelines, but she chooses the influencer’s path.

You will double your popularity

And now she will be better known in both England and Spain after being chased by the photographer Kissing on the balcony of the bar with Dele Alli, the Tottenham player. In the photo they are pictured from the back, but it’s pretty clear that they are. Dele, who wore a white shirt and green baseball hat over his freshly dreadlocked hair, hugged and kissed Mariah in a white hoodie.

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“Dele and Maria seemed to have no worries. They didn’t care whoever saw them kissing in front of the DJ booth. It was filled with hundreds of revelers watching. All tables were booked and fully booked. Strangers wandered past and Dele and Maria didn’t blink. They were together in a group. He was very welcoming, a source told The Sun.

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