They can only spy on you … if you have Messenger on your mobile phone !!!

Facebook has significantly upgraded Messenger so that it can make calls, send messages, and take pictures without notifying the user, which is a big concern.

Thus tech experts came to the conclusion that Facebook Messenger is the new way to track large businesses.

But why do people think that the Messenger was spying on them?

Simply read the list of terms of use and installation that the app requires and you will understand!

Unfortunately, most of the people who have messenger app on their cell phone never bothered to read the app that they are installing on their device.

Just imagine, Facebook Messenger has been downloaded over a billion times, without anyone asking and asking about the tech giant’s new regulations.

– The messenger app can change the network connection independently, which means it can use Wi-Fi without notifying the user.

Phone calls can be made without asking permission from users, as these calls can cost money.

– Messages can be sent to any number without asking permission from the user.

Facebook Messenger can record what you say outside and inside the app without your permission or any confirmation.

– It can operate the phone camera and take photos and videos at any time without asking for your permission.

– You can search your incoming and outgoing calls and share this data with 3 parties.

– Your contacts can be read. It can also see the contacts you communicate with a lot, including messages and emails. This app may share this data with other companies without your consent.

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Most of them violate your privacy.

However, Facebook has explanations for these terms

– Messenger does not spy on your private photos and videos. You need a camera to allow users to take pictures and videos through the app and share these files in their personal files.

– Does not spy on the recordings. In order to record audio messages, record video clips, or make voice calls, user consent is required.

– Messenger does not spy on phone calls. User permission is required to allow users to contact each other.

– Your messages are not spied on. Facebook Messenger needs user consent to read messages to confirm sending messages.

– Facebook Messenger app does not spy on user contacts from the phone. User consent is required to read all contacts stored on the device.

– This isn’t the first time an Android app has requested paranoid licenses to work “perfectly” on a smartphone or tablet, but now it seems that people are aware of fraud and start to raise their voices.

Communication apps like Messenger, WhatsAPP, etc. cannot spy on your messages without your permission, so be sure to read the terms and conditions the next time you want to install an app on your device!

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