USA: It looks like the Pelosis laptop should be sold to Russia – FBI investigates – foreign policy

As Washington becomes a bastion of the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden (78), the FBI was still sweeping through parts of the dramatic capitol rampage two weeks ago (January 6). Nationwide, some Trump supporters who forcibly stormed the Capitol and left outright destruction are still wanted. Seven people were killed in the riots.

Now, investigators have targeted a woman who allegedly wanted to commit treason if the allegations proved true. Like paper Politico According to reports, the FBI is now investigating evidence that Riley John Williams of Pennsylvania stole a laptop or hard drive from the office of Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) – in order to sell the materials to Russia!

WASHINGTON, January 6: Intruders spread through the Capitol and occupy Pelosi’s office, among other things. The FBI is now investigating a woman who reportedly stole a laptop from Pelosi’s officePhoto: AFP

Incredible claims, which can be true. A witness said in an affidavit that he had seen “in a videotape how Williams downloaded a computer or hard drive from Pelosi’s office”.

Then they wanted to send the item to a friend in Russia, who would then sell the data to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SWR). The local investigation authorities noted in their report that the stolen goods had not been dispatched. Williams is either still in possession of the hot commodity – or she has ruined it.

The suspect’s mother, whom Harrisburg investigators called a few days after the Capitol rampage, said the report said her daughter packed a suitcase and told her she was going away for a few weeks. Her mother did not give any information about her destination or whereabouts.

A hint that Williams is actually a suspect from various videos: In the presence of investigators, Williams’ mother called her daughter on the video – and Williams was wearing the same brown jacket as in the Capitol videos.

Her father also stated that he drove her to Washington on January 6, where she and her friends arranged to meet with the protests.

According to the FBI, the investigation into the case is ongoing.

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