Mark Hamill Hilariously Reacts to Fans’ Proposed Changes to the Saga

Mark Hamill understands how to troll enthusiasts. The actor — formerly recognized as Luke Skywalker — lately pretended he hadn’t heard about Star Wars: The Clone Wars breakout Ahsoka Tano. And Star Wars followers always get a thrill out of Hamill’s playful presence on social media. Now the actor has weighed in on a fan-proposed overhaul of the Skywalker saga.

Mark Hamill at San Diego Comedian-Con | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Mark Hamill not too long ago retired from taking part in Luke Skywalker all over again

Hamill appears in 6 entries in the 9-aspect Skywalker saga. The actor 1st performed Luke Skywalker again in 1977. And the 2019 launch of Star Wars: The Increase of Skywalker, he has verified, marks his last effectiveness in the job. Specified that movie’s relative underperformance, perhaps it is best that Hamill action absent from the Star Wars saga.

Probable, the actor is ready to go on, and most followers concur the franchise wants to adhere to new characters and stories. Following all, Star Wars expended additional than 40 yrs obsessed with the Skywalkers. Nevertheless, rumors persist a younger Luke may look in the impending Disney+ series centered on Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Admirers propose shuffling close to the titles of the main ‘Star Wars’ films

With enigmatic subtitles like A New Hope and Return of the Jedi, the primary trilogy led supporters to put the movies’ titles on a pedestal. The main lover base finally tried to dissect the that means of just about every title as it was uncovered. And as technological innovation has highly developed, this has come to be an even a lot more well-known action.

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Nevertheless, just one admirer took it on them selves to reassign each title in the Skywalker saga to a further movie in the collection. For instance, The Phantom Menace and The Increase of Skywalker swap titles. Immediately after all, the first movie introduces Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd) and the last reveals Palpatine’s resurrection. So the logic behind it is seem.

Hamill retweeted the 1-minute video, with a fittingly cheeky response. At the pretty least, it looks like the actor was amused by the fan’s determination to reconfigure the Star Wars titles. In some conditions, the newly proposed title increases what collection creator George Lucas and corporation came up with it.

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Mark Hamill could nevertheless continue to be an integral portion of the franchise

Even although Hamill has stopped taking part in Luke Skywalker, some admirers nonetheless think he could keep aspect of the Star Wars family members. The actor not too long ago revealed he has played solution roles in just about every motion picture of the Disney period. So there’s a real chance for him to keep on voice performing in the saga.

Couple of actors are as inseparable from their Star Wars counterparts as Hamill. And his regular engagement on line with lovers of the saga suggests he’s in no hurry to go away the “galaxy far, much away” powering completely. The Skywalker story could possibly be completed, but Hamill has a lot more to present.

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