Web tax, the government has postponed deadlines

Payment of the first installment of the digital service tax, through which Italy intends to tax the revenues of major companies in the technology sector, postponed from February to March

Implementation Italian web tax. This government has set up after the last Council of Ministers It created a series of postponed deadlines in the tax area. One of these relates to B. Digital Service Tax (Dst). Waiting at the gate in less than a month, will be delayed for 30 days. “ The deadline for digital services tax-related payments for 2020 has been postponed from February 16th to March 16, 2021They let the executive know.

distance Budget Law 2019DST could have taken effect in the following months by ministerial decree, but it never arrived. Thus, the web tax has only been deferred with the following budget act. Its goal Regulating taxes on revenues generated by Italy’s major tech companies. In this regard, the last decree also states Postponing the deadline for submitting the relative declaration from March 31, 2021 to April 30, 2021With regard to taxable revenues. The tax is calculated on 3% of revenue from companies, including non-residents, with global revenues of not less than 750 million euros, of which at least 5.5 million are in Italy.

Daylight saving time declared ‘Discriminatory’ e “illogical” By the US Department of Commerce, which found that 27 out of 43 companies affected by the new tax are US companies. On the topic Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), An intergovernmental organization, which released its report the other day, and there may be further developments with the new administration in the White House. Meanwhile, the revenue agency is working on Implementation of the measure, Based on 40 views and opinions Sent by business, financial societies and advisory agencies and published by the authority.

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Dst was not the only postponement in a decree Urgent measures related to assessment and collection as well as tax liabilities and payments, Including deferment from December 31 to January 31 of sending Tax bills50 million of that estimated, largely deferred collection bonds from 2020 that could be the subject of an already annulling decree with “5 refreshments”.

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