Accelerated Resolution of Thai Feminist Case London Police search for naked men – post today worldwide

Speed ​​up resolution of Thai femicide case London Police search for naked man

Date 03 February 2021 16:24

UK police conduct tests after finding a dead Thai woman in London believed to be related to a naked man.

UK news sitedaily MailPolice in the UK are now working on resolving the case and seeking cooperation from the public to provide evidence of the death of a Thai woman in London.

Police found a dead Thai woman in a house in Eileen Road. Whitechapel, London, on the morning of January 24, he showed signs of injuries to the neck and head.

The authorities believed that a man was walking naked in the same area. Between 4.00 and 9.00 on the morning of the accident. Which may be related to the aforementioned case and a request for cooperation. People who saw the man or found his clothes left at the scene shared additional evidence.

According to the documents, the Thai woman, “Tibarat Argato,” aged 43, moved to London with her husband in September of last year.

Police have arrested 19-year-old David Cherries and charged him with murder after he became a suspect in the case in which he was supposed to know the dead. The man appeared in court on January 29, and the next session is scheduled for April 16.

Recently, another Thai person was attacked and killed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, USA. The 84-year-old was pushed and thrown to the ground until he was in serious condition and later died at first It was expected to be the cause of racial behavior in Asia

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Photo by Ben Stansall / AFP

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