“Shadow Lines” Finnish TV show is coming to Sundance TV to take us to Finland in the middle of the Cold War

The popular Finnish series “Shadow Lines” comes complete to Sundance TV with its season 1 premiere on February 3 and a second in May. In its purest “Nordic Noir” style, this thriller focuses on some of the most unknown events of the Cold War that took place in Finland during the 1955 presidential election.

by Lists of strings February 02, 2021

However, Finland is not usually the most popular location for spy movies set during the Cold War This country bordering Russia was an important pocket in the confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. A historical fact that Shadow Lines is based on, the series has several award nominations from the Finnish Television Academy and arrives in Spain via Sundance TV.

In the context of the Cold War, The KGB and CIA are competing for control of the Scandinavian country Who is about to hold presidential elections and The two superpowers are ready for anything So that their candidates come to power and thus put the country under their influence.

Amidst these tensions there is a The Finnish intelligence team aims to preserve the country’s independence Which is known as “El Puño”. One of the latest additions to this group is Helena, The newcomer from the United States who has been recruited By his godfather and he begins to discover aspects of his past that They will put the team at risk.

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