A young woman recorded the moment she was kicked out of the park for wearing “indecent clothes” | Society

Young mother and Ticktalker I was surprised by the park police Six flagsIn Oklahoma City, USA, for wearing very short shorts in public.

The story came from the hand of the same woman, Billy Bridlov, Who recounted his experience with police officers through his Facebook account. She began her story: “On April 30, 2020, a police officer in the park shouted at my daughter as she slipped on the hill.”

“Then he proceeded to chase me and grabbed my arm to turn me over and tell me that my pants were too short. I did not commit any crime and went with my friend, because I have autism and I have a hard time talking to the police. The police kept yelling at me and calling for reinforcements, “Tiktokker continued.

When Pridlov asked an officer about the possible reason for not showing her identity, her response was “because they are from the police.”

Additionally, he wrote a letter to the Oklahoma Police Department saying, “Your officers I made my 11-year-old daughter cry hysterically, thinking her mother was about to be arrested. His policies are vague and confusing, and the way he exposes his body and discriminates against him is illegal. “

“I have a 5-year ban now, but I wouldn’t go back to any of your parks if this is the way women, law-abiding citizens, and visitors are treated. You should be ashamed of yourselves“He completed.

But the story took a turn when the young woman spoke to the Oklahoma Police Chief, and he replied that the alleged policemen, They did not belong to the city administration, which led to an investigation of the situation.

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The event sparked outrage on social media, with users suggesting that the woman condemn the actions of the police.

According to park policies Six flags, “Anyone who refuses to comply with the dress code” can be denied entry. However, there is no specific mention of the length of the shorts.

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