A program that spies on employees to know their intentions to resign sparks controversy in China


Feb 17 2022 09:47 GMT

The controversy began over the story of a worker who was fired after his boss found out about his requests to publish his job.

A computer program developed by the Chinese company Sangfor Technologies to predict the possibility that an employee is planning to resign from his position has sparked controversy in the Asian country, reach South China Morning Newspaper.

It is a worker activity monitoring system that detects visits made to online job boards or applications for job offer advertisement via email.

The controversy started when a user of the professional platform Maimai.cn reported that he had lost his job after his employer, with the help of this software, discovered his location. Function applications in other companies.

privacy issue

“My boss said he knows exactly what I do during working hours,” the author of the post wrote with a screenshot of the monitoring program’s conclusion.

His story sparked heated discussions on popular places like Weibo social network and Zhihu forum. Several commenters have expressed concern that these types of monitoring tools could violate their privacy.

“It is very difficult to determine whether [estos programas] Track work or personal behavior, as they are Track all online behavior Through the corporate network and computers,” one explains.

Panopticon action

Sangfor Technologies, the largest provider of online monitoring platforms in China, has Client Like e-commerce giant Alibaba; TikTok owner ByteDance; parent company Weibo Sina Corp; Xiaomi, the maker of smartphones, and ZTE, the maker of communications equipment, are among its companies More than 50,000 corporate clients.

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This company sells services that can access employees’ mobile browsing history and app usage logs once their phones are connected to your company’s Wi-Fi network. Also, the system ranks “Incompetent workers“Consider the time they spend on apps and websites that are not work related.

The new monitoring system was patented in 2018, describing its product at the time as a program that assesses employees’ intentions to quit smoking by analyzing Internet traffic including websites, social media and email.

At the moment, neither Sangfor Technologies nor the relevant authorities have made comments in this regard.

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