A picture of Boris Johnson drawn by his previous strategy: “completely crazy and immoral” / The Prime Minister is the target of a scandal regarding the leakage of private messages and illegal donations to renovate his apartment – International

Dominic Cummings, a former 10 Downing Street strategist and one of the people who led the pro-Brexit campaign, launched a violent attack on his former boss, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Madness and absolutely unethical,” is Cummings’ picture now. Potrivit Guardian. The prime minister is involved in a scandal related to the restoration of his apartment, and the former adviser says he is ready to make statements anytime, under oath.

The attack on the British Prime Minister is unprecedented and comes amid allegations that Boris Johnson tried to kill in front of an investigation targeting one of his allies and a “potentially illegal” plan to finance the renovation of his apartment through donations.

Sources wishing to remain anonymous allege that Dominic Cummings leaked private messages in the press between Johnson and billionaire James Dyson, a scandal that led Labor to accuse the government of “fighting among themselves like rats in a sack.”

Cummings denied on the Blog that he was behind the leak. Instead, he blamed Johnson and his team for a string of wrongdoing. Cummings said the prime minister acted in a way he described as “totally crazy and unethical,” adding that he would be happy to present evidence in an investigation under oath.

“It is sad to see the prime minister and his government go down to this level, which is far below the standards of efficiency and integrity that this country deserves,” he wrote on the blog.

Very disturbing remarks by Boris Johnson, who fired him in November of last year amid another public scandal over the fact that Dominic Cummings lied and violated anti-COVID restrictions.

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Footage of a private exchange of letters between Boris Johnsons and businessman James Decend reached the press in March. According to them, the prime minister promised the businessman that he would solve the tax problem for employees who worked with him during the outbreak in Great Britain.

“I would like to meet with the cabinet minister and show him my phone to look for Dyson messages. If the prime minister sends them to me, as he claims, he will be able to show the secretary the history who did it,” Cummings wrote in the blog.

Johnson’s government has denied any involvement of the prime minister in tax work and apartment renovation, saying workers have already been hired to paint and decorate the house, but the prime minister bears the costs fully and personally.

Labor has asked the Election Commission (which verifies donations Number Red) to initiate a £ 200,000 investigation into the refurbishment of the Prime Minister’s Apartment in Downing Street.

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