A mother, 38, fell to her death while standing for a photo in Australia: report

A woman fell 200 feet to her death on Saturday after she was photographed on a cliff in Australia, According to reports.

The woman has been identified as Rosie Lumba, 38, who was visiting Boroka Lookout in Grampian National Park in Victoria with one of her children and husband, Australia. 9 news mentioned.

Police said the mother climbed the safety rails to stand on a rock to take a picture of her when she tripped over the ledge and fell 262 feet below the cliff face.

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Grampians National Park in Red Lookout, Victoria, Australia. (Photo: Education Images / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

An area tour guide, Graham Wood, told … Australian Broadcasting Corporation He regularly sees tourists climbing safety barriers in the park. He said he saw someone climb onto the ledge to take a photo less than half an hour before the accident, and he knew that one day someone would fall.

“We left and I think it happened in half an hour … [I was] I was shocked. It was just a coincidence, Wood said. I don’t know how you can prevent that from happening, but maybe this accident helps … it’s a tough way to get people to stick to what should make sense.

Police and the state emergency service climbed the cliff face for six hours to retrieve her body. The viewing platform was closed after the accident but reopened to the public around 10 pm, he said 9 news.

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Sometimes, tourists and hikers will plunge to death while snapping the perfect photo.

HIKER celebrates the end of the dying coronavirus while waiting for a photo

Earlier this year, prof Kazakhstan A woman fell Over 110 feet Until her death after she was photographed on a cliff to celebrate the end of the region Corona Virus Full shutdown.

Olesia Suspitsina, 31, was outing with a friend at Duden Park, in Antalya. Turkey Weeks after seeking shelter on site in the city. Sputnik Turkey reported that it climbed over a safety fence in the park and snapped a photo on the edge of a cliff in front of its scenic waterfalls, before slipping on some weeds and landing about 115 feet.

Back in September, Oregon A man said state soldiers He fell to his death A report mentioned that after climbing a tree to take a photo on a cliff along the state coast. He was reportedly in the tree when a limb broke.

After the recent incident in Australia, Police Secretary Lisa Neville said that no picture deserves someone’s life.

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“We cannot pin down every part of Victoria,” she said. “People have to take responsibility.”

Edmund Demarch of Fox News contributed to this report

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