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The tricolor claimed the first victory of his career after winning the 2019 Giro d’Italia. Lokomotiv prepares for the Tour de France.

Ecuadorean Richard Carapaz won the Tour de Suisse in conclusion eight stages from the test, last in Andermatt, Which made the leader of the Ineos Grenadiers the best in the general classification.

The Completed the last day on a 159.5-kilometer roadin which the Ecuadorean was located Fifth shop robbery, which maintained the dispute over his atheists in the year.

The The winner of the award was the Swiss Gino Mader (Bahrain – victorious), He was followed in goal by Michael Woods (the emerging nation of Israel).

a A large group of runners tried to escape in the middle of the platform, A difference of more than two minutes from the team dominated by the leader Carapaz Ineos.

From that group prefix alternating names at the tip, but It was Hermann Bernsteiner (Victor Bahrain) and Tess Benott (DSM) who continued Until there was 20 kilometers to block when they were neutralized by the division, which was pulled by Eneus.

With 17 kilometers, Colombian Rigoberto Uran (EF Education-Nippo) tried to attack And he went to the front of the race, but Karabaz’s answer Prolongation prevented the difference in time and distance.

Without his target, Urán and . slowed down Michael Woods (Israel-Start Up Nation) continued driving the last kilometers, In a joint effort with Mattia Cattaneo (Deceunick), who joins the escape.

While the Canadian and the Italian were fighting on stage a meter Returning, the focus was on the Colombian Uranian effort to opponent seconds against Ecuadorean Carapazthat responded to every attempt Line.

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Woods took home the mountain in the Gotthardpass, followed by Swiss Gino Mäder, Cattaneo, Jakob Fuglsang and Carapaz, as they edged Urán in the fight for the yellow jersey.

in the last kilometer, Mäder joined the leading group Career to hold a fight with Woods.

In the final race, the Swiss was the strongest in keeping the win, 9 Seconds before the group that Carapaz entered, which also had the Colombian Urán, second in the general classification, 17 seconds behind the locomotive. The third place holder was Denmark’s Gulsang, with a time of 1 minute 15 seconds.

With the address in Switzerland what He’s coming to Ecuador, which is the final stage of his preparations for the Tour de FranceWhich kicks off in Brest on June 26. (Dr)

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