A blind dating girl goes to eat at the guy’s house A closing ad has been found Let’s be together for a long time.

Blind date a young couple dating I went to eat at the men’s house, and suddenly fell down the ladder Ploy Joan was found closing announcement We must live together unexpectedly

January 12 2022 BBC News Agency I recently mentioned that there is a video from China. They are being shared with each other until they have gone viral in the internet world. It’s a clip of a young woman named Wang, posted on WeChat who says she’s trapped in a date house. After a blind date to meet and eat at his home, the authorities suddenly announced a COVID-19 lockdown, leaving him to live for an unexpectedly long time.

Wang said she just returned from Guangzhou. From Guangdong to Zhengzhou in Henan Province in the run-up to Chinese New Year when she returns the family sets a blind date with more than 10 young men, even the fifth of them, a man who loves to cook. So I made an appointment to go home and cook dinner.

Blind dating girl is facing a lockup, she must be stuck in the man's house

Meanwhile, the media reported that I found sickcovid 19 In the area where the man’s house is along with the emergency closure declaration hopefully there was no choice apart from having to spend a few hours with the man I just met. In her video revealing the activities going on after she got stuck in his house on the fourth day, the two spent their lives together.

Wang revealed that the situation between her and him did not go as he had initially expected. And it was embarrassing for her, but this young man took good care of her. She cooks for her to eat every day including doing different housework as shown in the video. In addition, he is also a very talkative person. Make it totally comfortable

Blind dating girl is facing a lockup, she must be stuck in the man's house

The report did not specify exactly how. How many days does Wang stay in the man’s house? But I think it will take several days. I don’t know how the events will turn out after that but her story and his has become a hot topic on social media at the moment.

Zhengzhou city in the latest outbreak last week found that there are more than 100 cases of Covid-19, China is using a zero policy. COVID-19 Completely eliminating the spread of COVID-19 in the country This allows each community area to have rapid and frequent lockdown. When is an infected person detected?

Thank you info from BBCAnd Global TimesAnd tw.appledaily

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