8 tips from the most famous investor in the world … that may change your life

Prepare Warren Buffett One of the most successful investors of all time, he is also one of the most well-known businessmen today. Executives can learn a lot from Buffett, and one of the easiest ways to do so is to check out some of his inspiring and impressive quotes. Warren Buffett writes annual letters to shareholders in his Berkshire Hathaway company, and most of his quotes are related to investment. However, many of them can also be applied in the business world. Here, in this context, is a collection of the best “Godfather of Omaha” quotes on investment and business.

“There are people who enjoy shade because someone planted a tree.”

This quote is important for executives, as it reminds them that taking small steps now can make a big difference in the future. Businesses do not develop overnight, changes do not happen instantly, anything you do will take some time to bear fruit. Therefore, executives should aspire to leave a long-term career legacy that perpetuates their accomplishments.

“It takes only 5 minutes to build a good reputation and smear it 5 minutes.”

Managers at every level should remember this quote, as it applies to every aspect of life. And CEOs have a public image to maintain, as they interact with clients and employees. And it will be much easier to destroy your reputation, which you spent decades building, than building it. Unfortunately, by the time some managers learn this lesson, it will be too late for them, according to Al Khaleej.

“It is better to socialize with the best of you and choose colleagues whose behavior is good.”

Regardless of the level you are at in your career, this quote provides very important advice on choosing the friends and colleagues you spend most of your time with. You can also apply Buffett’s advice when selecting employees.

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Executives and managers are not friends of the employees they hire. However, it is best to look for employees who demonstrate the traits they are looking for in their friends.

“The difference between a successful and a normal person is that the former says no.”

With all the demands on his shoulders, Buffett learned long ago that the most important commodity of all is time. Buffett has simply mastered the art of setting boundaries between himself and others. And anyone can apply this advice when they reach the crossroads of everyday decision-making. We have to know our basic goals in order to make our lives simple, and that means saying “no” over and over to the unimportant things.

Only when the tide subsides do you discover who was swimming naked.

Every project goes through difficult stages, regardless of the sector in which it operates. Executives succeed when they run the company well through the good and bad times. Some leaders may appear to be good managers, but when the crisis hits, they can do nothing. To be successful, you must be adaptive and able to handle business and its ups and downs.

Take a long time each day to just sit and think.

CEOs are some of the busiest people in the world, but no matter how busy you are, you have to make time for yourself to think. You cannot open up to new opportunities if you don’t take the time to think about how and where things are going. Leaders come up with the best ideas from just relaxing and thinking. It is easier to solve problems when you take time to think, and you will come up with solutions you never thought of.

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“There is no problem when an investor realizes that he does not know anything.”

Although this quote refers to investment, it can also be applied in business. Executives can contemplate this advice at the level of their company, where wise leaders surround themselves with people who complement them in terms of knowledge and experience, and they know when to turn to someone else because their knowledge exceeds their own. However, executives who think they know everything will find barriers to success.

“You are looking for 3 general characteristics in any person who is endowed with intelligence and vigor.”

This was the advice Buffett gave a few years ago about the key features to look for in job candidates. Buffett’s last trait is non-negotiable. And when you hire people of integrity, don’t ask them about their actions. “If you hire people who lack integrity, you want them to be stupid and lazy,” Buffett said.

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