Android 12 will change graphics completely (video) | Are you ready for Google I / O?

With Android 12, Google seems to have created and designed its own Pixel UI customization Which, as it happens with Samsung UI, Realme UI, MIUI, Oppo Color OS and many more, will change the face of the stock OS making it unique to Pixel.

Actually some differences and customizations only for Google products, we have already seen them in previous Android releases but, With Android 12, the change will be more evident and will include all UI, tools, buttons, beauty, layers, colors, animations, and functions. Which will partially resume UI feedback (Samsung has been with Google for years) and partly will be new and have never been seen before.

So the new pixels will have their own hardware and software identity and will be significantly different from other Android smartphones. It is not clear if this new interface you see in the video below will then be given to all brands as the basis for Android 12 but with the vision of Dev. Current previews, it cannot be ruled out that everything is exclusive to Google Pixels and that, according to new system features, animations and other small details, all the aesthetics will only be seen in products made by Google.

Tomorrow Google I / O will start 2021 and HDblog will follow directly with you.

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