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More than a dozen protesters were killed in Myanmar last day, with a total of more than 600 victims since the protests began. Civilians are now fighting knives, grenades and hunting weapons against the military junta that seized power in early February.

The army also arrested hundreds of people, including a number of popular figures, actors and singers in Myanmar society, who criticized the military council.

The United Nations has not yet been able to agree on sanctions against the military junta for violently targeting demonstrators.

The conflict is also taking place outside the country. The Myanmar ambassador to Britain is no longer accepted at the British embassy on Wednesday night. His deputy closed the door, saying the ambassador did not support the military council. Therefore, the Military Council decided to appoint another ambassador to replace him.

The Myanmar ambassador to Britain had earlier asked the military to release the imprisoned former Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior members of the ruling National League for Democracy.


Southeast Asian country Myanmar A military coup occurred in early February. Generals based the coup on alleged irregularities in the November elections. The National League for Democracy won a disguised election. The military council declared a state of emergency for a year, and promised to hold new elections after that, without specifying when exactly they will be held.

When military forces took power on February 1, Prime Minister Ona San Suu Kyi and other senior members of the ruling National League for Democracy were arrested. In many countries They have already condemned what is happening in Myanmar. The United States and Britain imposed sanctions on the junta. Most of Myanmar’s neighbors, however, argue that the international community should not interfere in Myanmar’s internal politics.

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