United State. – Jimmy Dimon confines teleworking after the pandemic to a minority of 10 percent of JP Morgan’s workforce

07/27/2013 A banner for JPMorgan Chase & Co at their New York headquarters, March 15, 2013. Politics, US, North America, Lucas Jackson

Madrid, 8 (Europe Press)

Jimmy Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase, one of the most influential bankers on Wall Street, estimates that only a minority of the entity’s employees, who have coded about 10 percent, will continue to do their jobs remotely on time. The bank planned to establish a new headquarters in New York with a capacity of 14,000 workers.

“While working from home will become increasingly permanent in US companies, it needs to work for both the company and its customers,” said Dimon, who expects many of the bank’s employees to work full-time in certain locations. Branch, control, safety deposit box, sales and critical area of ​​operations, plus security or medical personnel.

It also expects some employees to work on a hybrid model (some days of the week at a location and other days at home), while only a small percentage of employees, “perhaps 10 percent”, will work full-time from home and in very specific roles.

In any case, Damon emphasized that the virtual work world has some weaknesses, among which he noted that remote work is most effective when it occurs between people who already know each other, in addition to the fact that many jobs require professionals. To learn how to perform through example and mentorship from other colleagues, “which is nearly impossible in the world of Zoom” and over time could undermine the company culture that the entity intends to promote.

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Likewise, JPMorgan CEO expressed the view that an over-reliance on video conferencing ends up slowing down the decision-making process and virtually eliminating spontaneous learning and creativity when contact with other colleagues or clients disappears.

However, the banker realized that the pandemic would change the way JPMorgan manages office space, possibly significantly reducing the number of physical workstations required, as well as other items such as conference rooms or conference rooms.

He warned that “in all cases, these decisions depend on what is optimal for our company and our customers, and we will monitor and analyze the results to make sure of that.”

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