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MEIL-Megha Engineering Oil Drilling Rigs: India’s flagship Megha Engineering Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has achieved another milestone. The oil and fuel extraction platforms are completely original

Mega engineering oil rigs

Megha Engineering Oil Drilling Rigs: India’s flagship Megha Engineering Infrastructure Pvt Ltd achieved another milestone. Megha Engineering (MEIL) has recently made a breakthrough in fully manufacturing and utilizing oil extraction platforms with in-country technology. MEIL was the first in the country to develop this device as part of the ambitious Makein India initiative of the Government of India. It is designed to work with advanced technology as well as the hydraulic system. Vice President of Megha Engineering Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) P. Rajesh Reddy said drilling began Wednesday at the Kalol oil field in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Manufactured with a capacity of 1,500 hp, this drilling rig can easily drill oil wells up to four thousand meters (4 kilometers) from the earth’s surface. MEIL has been doing the dredger for 40 years.

Megha Engineering won an order from ONGC in 2019 to manufacture and supply 47 drilling rigs valued at Rs 6,000 crore. As part of this, the first drilling rig was installed in an oil field in Ahmedabad. The remaining 46 excavators are in various stages of manufacturing. It was the first to be manufactured on such a large scale in the private sector as part of Makeen India. Of the total drilling rigs, there are 20 well-fixing devices (rigs are used to fully extract sediment from an oil well that has already been drilled, increase the productivity of oil wells and repair oil wells. Regular rigs are not used in this way), 27 ground-to-ground drilling rigs: An advanced machine that can drill layers of earth down to existing oil deposits, which can drill from 1500 meters to 6000 meters, and regular drilling rigs can only reach 1000 meters).

Of the 20 boreholes, there are 12 automatic Vs with a capacity of 50 metric tons and four of them are capable of 100 metric tons. Another four 150 MT pallets are manufactured by MEIL. Of the 27 earth diggers, there are 2 mobile hydraulic rigs with a capacity of 1,500 hp each, while 17 are manufactured with a capacity of 1,500 hp each with an AC VFD. The other six excavators are rated at 2,000 HP each. Made by capacity. 2000 hp each. Two additional capacity rigs are being designed. The rigs can drill with a capacity of 2000 HP up to 6000 meters (6 km). This is the first time that such a capacity has been produced in India. Of the total 47 rigs, one is fully operational in Gujarat and the second drilling process will commence in a few days. Initial preparations have begun for this. Of the 46 rigs currently under construction, two are in the assembly phase at the Rajahmondri oil field in Andhra Pradesh, and MEIL will supply the remainder to the ONGC-linked oilfields in Assam, Tripura and Tamil Nadu.

An oil well in a village near Ahmedabad Damasana Kildiks Kalul in the first home-made drilling rig started by the current Vice President Emil Pirages Reddy. This drilling rig digs oil wells faster and runs less power. It is fully equipped with the latest hydraulic and automatic technology. The excavator can easily dig up to 4000 meters with a capacity of 1500 HP. It is also one of the latest technologies in terms of safety standards. Rajeshreddy said he is proud to present ONGC, a Bharatiya Navratna company, with the country’s first indigenous technology and the first platform manufactured under the Makein India program. He said the program would go a long way in improving the local economy by increasing domestic oil production and reducing imports from abroad. ONGC will also benefit from excavators designed with the latest technology.

He said he was moving forward with the goal of starting commercial production in the near future by drilling oil wells. He commented that Mega has changed the slogan “Makein India” into politics. Rajesh Reddy commented that Megha Engineering has become a beacon of hope for India, which has so far relied heavily on offshore oil and fuel platforms. He said that Mega, which has manufactured rigs with full local knowledge in a way that does not take anything from foreign companies in manufacturing the rigs, possesses the solid equipment.

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