5 Netflix Shows To Watch To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

One of our New Year’s resolutions that should never be missed from our personal list is taking care of our mental health. Doing exercise, dedicating ourselves to ourselves, or even speaking openly about what makes us uncomfortable or makes us feel bad are all valid methods, but it may be equally beneficial to gain greater awareness of a topic by deepening the details and characteristics that are still far from us.

Fortunately, it is found in these cases Netflix Who devoted more than a few presentations to this topic.

Here are the five you absolutely cannot miss, the ones that will reveal a whole new way to take care of your mental health:

The HEADSPACE Guide to Meditation

The positive effects of meditation on our mental and physical health are widespread and proven, so it might be a good idea to indulge in this new practice of stress relief. In this short series, different techniques are described to deal with the most insidious aspects of our daily life. We find us 20 minutes and we will not regret it.

Explain the mind

To understand ourselves we must begin by understanding how our most complex organ, the brain, functions. The language is simple and clear, the episodes are short and within minutes, we have the main coordinates of the rather complex topics. Like: Did you know that anxiety is the most common mental illness? Or does 50% of the details we remember about a fact change over time? The real jewel, however, is the narrator Emma Stone Which has always been struggling to raise awareness of these issues.

in depth

Lily Collins, In this movie, he is EllenGirl suffering from eating disorders. She has been praised by critics and the public specifically for being able to understand the complexity of feelings and situations that people with this type of problem face. Even if you know the topic well, watch it because the movie gives you a great overview with a hint of irony and optimism to remind us that it is possible to confront and overcome it.

External rotation

The story of a talented young figure skater, recovering from a serious injury, becomes a vehicle for describing the effects of bipolar disorder. A large chapter is also devoted to consequences of incorrect medical treatments. In the series, everything goes along the lines of excitement, but problems of a psychological nature are dealt with in a very honest way. For many, this is an unexplored field, so some additional concepts can only do well.


In this documentary we are not talking about specific diseases, but about the positive effects that radical changes in life can have on an individual’s mental balance. Specifically, the two narrators decided to live on the bare minimum with the help of those who had already made this choice. Some said they were happier and calmer, which reduced anxiety and panic attacks. Could this be a recipe for happiness? We just have to see.

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