2020 Masters: Tiger Woods leads Paul Casey with three shots

Augusta, Georgia – Relaxed as he played his 87th Masters Tour, Tiger Woods chased the Augusta National Golf Club on Thursday with the confidence of someone wandering around his living room looking for his favorite chair, footchair and ship, for the cold drink in his hand. The path was so familiar, he could negotiate it in the dark.

Since Woods has won the championship five times and has been one of the most prominent players of the past 25 years, it is likely that he played the golf course in those conditions. It may still break the equality.

Current champion Woods was not the leader after Thursday’s match in the first round, which was delayed by a three-hour thunderstorm that left dozens of golfers unable to finish their tournaments. With four under 68, Woods was tied for fourth place and three strikes quietly behind Captain Paul Casey.

But Woods’ leadership tour was the loudest statement of the day. It was a year of ups and downs for Woods, but on this day he was authored and never departed from his satanic national chart, Augusta. It looked like he was in cruise control, as if he could hit 68.

“I did everything well today,” said Woods after his tour.

Every seasoned competitor knows the history of the Masters when Woods has a good opening tour. It’s not true that he won every time he shot 70 or better in the first round. However, this has happened four times. He seriously competed on three other occasions when he ran into two or more below par after day one, finishing fourth twice and sixth once.

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When Woods was asked if he was surprised at how well he did given his uneven performance during most of this season, he ignored that.

“Understanding how to play the golf course is just a big part of playing well here,” he said. “He is very familiar.”

He knows the area. He can find a TV remote control in his living room darkness, too.

Woods ‘steady play was a stark contrast to most of the other things that happened during the Masters’ first round contested in November. Nothing else was familiar, as treacherous greenery was wet and sluggish, spring blossom colors were missing and galleries absent due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“There were a lot of differences today,” Woods said. There was a drone flying over the Green Zone. You don’t hear drones here. There were no shepherds, no roar. Lots of early adopters today. That’s kind of the way it’s been this whole year. “

Many players had the same feeling of being in an identifiable place, but that has been changed. Zander Shavili hit a superb 67 ball to end the day with a second draw with Webb Simpson, but he looked unsure of what to do from his tour.

“I really felt a lot of it was wrong,” said Chaville. “The Greens are really soft, so there’s not much to be afraid of. It was really weird. You’d be playing less rest on the shots and hitting them harder, which is something you don’t do here.”

Casey, who had scored 5 in the top ten in 13 previous Masters matches, had made an eagle into the second hole with an approaching shot that was expected to end up over the green.

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“You hit iron 6 pin on left pin on # 2, and you can’t hit that bullet in April,” Casey said. “Today, I got off and immediately stopped. In April, he would have jumped once in the shepherds. Maybe I would gain five, not three.”

But when it comes to the unexpected amusing moments in this first round of the Masters, it will be hard to beat the sight of seven golfers, sacks, and high officials in azaleas in search of a stray Bryson Deschamps ball.

After starting his tour of the 10th hole, Deschambo fired his shot at Number 13 into the trees and attempted a delicate recovery. Instead, he hung his ball badly and ended up buried in the bush behind the green. Then, in the event that he did not find that ball, Deschambo hit an interim shot that landed at Ray Creek, just a short distance from the green.

“I was really worried about finding this ball,” said Deschambeau, entering the role as the tournament favorites. “I would’ve made a bad number if I hadn’t found it.”

After finding the ball, he declared it non-playable and had to fall off a steep slope. He then mistook a hidden chip and ended up making a double ghost. DeChambeau assembled an impressive crowd to end his tour at two below par and remain on the title hunt. But his booming treks, which were expected to conquer Augusta National, ended up being a factor in a few holes. Also, it didn’t use the 48 ” driver – the longest allowed – that it was trying.

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“My leadership wasn’t great,” Deschambeau said. “You know, this place can bite if I make mistakes. But I am very happy with the patience I showed today.”

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