Fire at Amazon Warehouse: Firefighters grapple with a massive fire as entire building evacuates | United Kingdom | News

Employees were evacuated at a large Amazon warehouse after a fire broke out at the shipping center, The Daily Star reported.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that they arrived at the scene around 10pm Thursday evening, and they were still there.

The warehouse is one of the largest warehouses in Britain and measures about 14 football fields.

The building was evacuated, as crews from two firefighting stations were fighting the fire.

It is believed that the fire was on the second floor.

Speaking to The Courier, a spokesperson said, “The building has been evacuated. The crews there are from Dunfermline, Lochgelly, and the altitude device is from Kirkcaldy.”

The photos show smoke billowing from the building on Sandpiper Drive as well as several employees being evacuated in tin foil blankets for the chill.

The fire service announced that no one was injured in the accident.

They say the fire has been located and that crews are working to extinguish the flames.

This is one of several large fires dealt with in Scotland over the past few weeks.

Fire engulfed Hermeys Hospital in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire just two weeks ago.

Three Scottish fire and rescue crews were deployed at the scene, as well as police officers.

A spokesperson for SFRS said at the time: “We are currently in a fire at Hermayers Hospital, East Kilbride.

“We got an alert around 9.45 pm and the process watcher packed three devices.

“The firefighters are still at the scene.”

The medical facility accommodates 492 patients, and its emergency and emergency ward treats patients from different areas of the province.

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