10% withdrawal of the Constitution Committee vote a regulatory issue – politics

Due to organizational issues, the Constitution Committee did not vote on the third retirement of the pension funds, nor did it tax the super-rich.

The head of the body explains the situation Embed a Tweet @ 24HorasTV pic.twitter.com/Ybtnh98SgG

– Kevin Filgueras (@KevinFelgueras) March 31, 2021

As he explained it “No parliament committee can work for less than an hour And from the moment the hall finished until the end of the session, there were 45 minutes, and therefore, organizationally speaking, it was impossible to continue. “It should be noted that the committee can meet until 5:30 pm, which has been extended but that the regulations cannot go beyond.

Then the MP indicated that “We had the opportunity to hear from the teachers (…) and the guests to see how we overcome the obstacle (…) Bring the matter to the Constitutional Court. ”

For her part, the representative of the Humanitarian Party said, Pamela Giles He said he would agree with what the Ilabaca deputy had indicated and that “the third withdrawal will agree (…) And it will be approved by a surprise vote He will overcome the pure opposition that is already the majority on the committee. “

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