Charters of the sixth date

by Sixth round of Australian Super RugbyAnd Prombiz Crushed Western power 42-14 and remains in the struggle for the championship. Saturday, Reds He did his part, went from least to greatest and ended up crushing Warata Which, for its part, accumulated a fifth consecutive defeat.

On his visit to Sydney, the Reds invaded Warata. Alex Maffei, the undisputed character, made three attempts at visitors. Additionally, Tate McDermott, Luhan Salakaya-Lotto, Filippo Daugono, and Tanila Topo completed the score. On the Waratas side, William Harris scored. The Reds are unbeaten in this tournament after winning all five of their matches, while Waratas is not raising its head and still unable to remain victorious.

Brumby 42-14 Western Force (Furnace)
Canberra will defend their title in 2020 hierarchically and let it be reflected in the victory over those from Perth. Lin Ekitao – the star of the match – and Andrey Muirhead switched braces for each of the hosts and the other two were converted by Kadirin Neville and Laclan Lonergan. On the strength side, in which Thomas Copelli was the beginning, Santiago Medrano entered the first half and Thomas Lizana in the sequel, Henry Taifu and Ian Pryor switched.

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