Zero Limestone is making a fuss on Netflix

Fans Demand Season Two of ‘Tear Along the Edges’

Rome. A little gem, a true masterpiece: Far from fan feedback, the second season of “Ripped Along the Edges,” the animated series written and directed by ZeroCalcare, has been announced on Netflix from November 17 and in the top places (yesterday at the top) platform rankings. Six episodes in which the character portrayed by Michelle Rich (his real name) leaves the comics to appear on TV, still faithful to his influence in the Roman neighborhood of Rebibbia, where he lives among hardships, fantasies and crazy considerations but not too many. The miniseries features many flashbacks and anecdotes that range from his childhood to the present day, from memories of his school years to existential complaints about his incompleteness. Zerocalcare compulsively tells about himself, his world, and old friends like Sarah and Secco. And then, obviously, the armadillo, his terrible conscience, who gives his voice to Valerio Masandrea. And again Zerocalcare about himself and his characters: “I’m basically pretty sad and so I built about half a lot of self-irony.” Frequent use of profanity? “That’s right, I say dirty every three words, but I’ve got complete freedom in that sense. However, there are never any anti-gay or sexist expressions.” More than social, explains Michelle Rich, “I like the concept of tribe. I have a strong sense of belonging. Only in this way have I always been able to find a balance in the end.”

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