Netflix comedy through thick and thin

in a Love without half measuresAmong the Netflix films of November 2021, Ivana is one of the most famous lawyers in the city, having returned from a stormy emotional separation with her husband, who is trying in every way to get her back. The woman, over six feet tall, loses her cell phone one evening Which is found by a certain Ricardo, who after calling her promises to return it to her the next day.

From her simple tone of voice, Ivana thinks her interlocutor might be the right guy for her, but the situation takes an unexpected turn with the actual meeting between the two. In fact, Ricardo short is much above average, so much so that he is often called a “dwarf” by gossip, and this places serious restrictions on their relationship. He is already the father of a teenage girl, he is one of the most famous surgeons in the country – among his excellent patients there is also the Pope – and in any case, he managed to beat Ivana, who nevertheless She is afraid to introduce him to the family and admit her relationship with him.

Love without half-measures: ups and downs

It is no coincidence that the plot remembers almost completely, except for the obvious change of place, that is, the change of the romantic comedy a few years ago, that is love on the rise (2016) where the digital miniature Jean Dujardin was trying to beat the tall Virgin Evira (refresh your memory with the trailer A Love at the Height). This is because Both films are remade: The common basis is actually the co-production between Colombia and Argentina Lyon’s heart (2015), first released but less known to the general public.

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Here is how Love without half-measures again suggests a previously seen story, with a change of location that this time took us to Brazil to witness the complex love story between the two heroes. Heroes who find themselves forced to face problems of no small importance determined by the difference in height between them: they are tall and slender, squat and short. The male character, played by the excellent Leandro Hassum – also a victim of aesthetic miniaturization, because he is too tall in real life – is clearly to characterize primarily the comedic vibrancy of the story.

Enough comedy

Human attempts to adapt to contexts designed for much higher people They are actually at the heart of the most successful gags, like when our guy tries to move into Ivana’s kitchen with tragic consequences, or when he can’t push elevator buttons and has to walk eight floors. The text can be accused of excessive irony, but on the other hand, the entire narrative structure is neatly placed on these dynamics, with all due respect to political correctness.

And then, on the other hand, the more-than-expected ending ensures the correct salvation of a character already so glorified by public opinion for its merits, to the point of saving the Pope’s life in the operating room: mere blinds. With the Pope some of the funniest passages. Love without half measures pays primarily for its derivative essence; Hardly anyone who has seen one of his above-mentioned ancestors would want to put up with a new refreshment, but within an hour and a half of watching knows how to have fun, without overdoing but simply letting himself be seen.

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