Zarod release date, straight from the Netflix movie

To celebrate the movie’s release on Netflix Pokemon secrets in the jungleAnd Pokemon GO Zarod release date announced, through a special research event, along with many other surprises. In addition, new free items will also be available to customize your avatar directly from the upcoming movie.

While the raids will continue, if you have difficulty in dealing with them you can refer to our guide, Mysterious Pokemon will appear on October 1st It will bring back with it Jesse and James. It will be possible to start the private search from 10am to 8pm Italian time on October 10, two days after the movie was released on Netflix.

As mentioned at the beginning of the month Twenty-three movie Pokemon It will be distributed in Italy on Netflix, while it was released in Japan on Christmas Day last year. The festivities with the release of this new movie will allow everyone the ability to catch Pokemon, even if the special quest isn’t complete by the October 10th date.

In fact, the official website confirms that it will be possible «Get this special mission only during the event period but you can complete it at any time», in order to give everyone the opportunity to catch new Pokemon. In addition to It may even appear a special Pikachu, who will be dressed as an explorer, exactly in the theme of the upcoming movie.

Some Pokemon like Hoothoot, Combee, Drilbur, Cottonee, Dwebble and many more It will appear frequently in the wild There will also be special raids. Within these first level battles, it will be possible to find explorer Pikachu, Larvitar, Roggenrola, Foongus, and Rufflet, while Lickitung, Chansey, Pinsir, Ludicolo and Flygon will be available on the third level.

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So we remember the release date of Zarude in Pokemon GO, by special research, is It is scheduled for October 1st at 10 am, until October 10 at 8 p.m. Jesse and James will be available again, but only until October 15th at 10am, after which they will not be available.

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