New Thorn urban lighting with variable light distribution technology

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(22.9.2021) With Carat, Thorn Lighting has introduced a street lamp that, thanks to its variable light distribution technology, is able to adapt to the changing requirements of an urban lighting project. Designed for subtle illumination of streets, parking lots and other traffic areas and bike paths, the lamp is currently available in two sizes and offered with several complementary mounting options:

The Carat luminaire with Thorns variable light distribution technology has two light distributions as well as two color temperatures and can therefore flexibly adapt the lighting of public spaces for pedestrians, cyclists or drivers:

Together with the detection sensors, various lighting scenarios can be set up that optimize energy consumption, support visual comfort and increase safety for all involved.

In addition to the variable light distribution technology, the Carat can also be equipped with “NightTune” – a technology that enables different temperatures and different brightness levels by mixing light from warm and neutral LEDs:

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