Youtube down: Users are facing download issues all over the world

Youtube It looks like it will be back in business after dropping worldwide – many users are complaining that they ran into issues with the site.

According to Down Detector, problem reports are spreading across Youtube services, as people struggle to access Youtube TV and Youtube Music service.

Complaints from the UK reach Australia, but they are largely concentrated in the US.

Ninety-six percent of users complain that they are having trouble watching the videos and there appears to be a problem uploading the content to their own channels and on others.

The interface of the site appears to load normally, with the search bar and video thumbnails still accessible.

TeamYoutube responded to the outage on Twitter saying, “If you are having trouble watching videos on Youtube right now, you are not alone.

Our team is aware of the issue and is working on it. We will follow up here with any updates.

Indeed, Youtube users have flocked to social media to talk about the incident, with several memes posted to vent their frustrations.

In particular, people have been joking about the desperate switch between Wifi signal and network connection in an attempt to solve the problem. A method that has so far not proven successful.

YouTube has around 2 billion monthly users, which makes even the smallest technical issue a significant event. Every day, it is claimed, people watch over a billion hours of video on the site.

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