Summer Sale At first, Tuscans will spend 180 euros per family – Chronicle

Florence, July 1, 2021 – Summer sales in Tuscany begin on Saturday, July 3. Opportunity to shop at discounted prices up to 40 percent. According to the forecast of Federmoda-Confcommercio Toscana it will be approx 180 million Sales volume generated from summer sales of 2021. Six out of ten families will take advantage of the discounts to shop at Clothesand shoes and leather goods from the region, with an average investment of €180 each €78 for one person. The same figures for the capital, where the average spending will always be 180 euros per household. Instead, the national average stops at 171, but is still far from 230 in the last summer before the pandemic, summer of 2019.

“We expect significantly higher results compared to 2020, even if it takes time to return to 2019 levels – Federmoda President Confcommercio Toscana said Paolo Mantovani, for a month at the head of the trade union, which represents retail and wholesale companies in the sector. “Let’s not forget that even before the health emergency, fashion was experiencing a general decline in consumption, which was underway for the sake of More than ten years In addition to the growing competition online. At least, compared to last year, vaccination is now back at full speed and infection has declined good mood We hope for many. There are still unknowns of autumn, associated with the occupation, but in the meantime there is a desire to be lighter, to rediscover the old life. And sales are part of the collective ritual we are used to.”

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It will be impossible for traders to recover lossesIn any case, it is a suitable liquidity injection at the moment: “We have been closed by decree for about three months due to the closure, and we lost 35 percent of our ability to act, “stresses Mantovani.” We need to restart and count on the Tuscans to help us do that, rediscovering the joy of shopping in traditional shops. For them, the chance to do well is certain.”

Some of the signs, according to Federmoda-Confcommercio Toscana, are positive. In particular, after more than a year of overalls and pajamasPeople are coming back to buy more formal dresses, accessories, and formal wear. There is a desire for color, even if you don’t give up The nature of the fabrics, to the practicality and comfort we are used to being closed off at home. Finally, also for these summer sales, in the Tuscan cities of arts and tourism there will be a shortage of those who spend more on these occasions, or international tourists, particularly from Russia, the East or the United States.

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