Your Safety Guide to Gambling in New Zealand

Gambling is banned in many countries due to the historical events that occurred in the region, and New Zealand is one of them. There is nothing wrong with having fun playing casinos and gambling video games online. You can try your luck in one or two games in the section and may end up winning loads of money or lose the money. However, you should follow the country laws first before doing anything. You don’t want to end up behind the bars for something silly because it is not worth your time. On the other side, even you can check out the Paypal Casinos

Gambling is banned New Zealand?

All formats of gambling are banned in New Zealand when the 2003 Gambling Act was introduced in the Parliament. You should respect the laws of the country because it is designed to protect the citizens from events. Remember, many governments have passed laws to prevent citizens from repeating history. The New Zealand Lottery Commission (NZLC) and the New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) have ensured that nobody in the country is allowed to gamble. The government has added stipulations to the laws to ensure that anyone who involves themselves in the casino will land in jail.

Can We Participate in Online Casino in New Zealand?

The world has moved from the physical world to the digital world, and we should thank the internet for it. The NZLC & NZRB did not regulate the online casino because it doesn’t exist in the domain, but you should not be happy with it. The NZ government made it clear that all formats of gambling are banned, and you will get prosecuted by law enforcement. Do not take the NZ laws lightly because the federal government will take action against the citizens who participate in such activity.

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Is Lottery Banned?

The NZ government did not ban the lottery because they have set regulations in the country for the people to follow it. You can buy a lottery ticket, but you cannot start a business overnight and find ways to gamble using it. In short, NZ banned all formats of gambling, and there is no way that you will find legal houses in the country.

What are the four pillars of are 2003 Gambling Act?

The government passed four pillars in the 2003 Gambling Act that enforce the citizens to stop gambling.

  1. A) Class 1

Nobody can regulate an individual created events, and if you have created an event, then you should put a prize over $500 including the interest rate. Class 1 gambling rounds should be organized by an individual at home or in a private space. You cannot open it for the public, and random players cannot join in because that’s what NZ defines as a gambling house.

  1. B) Class 2

Class 2 Gambling Act does not permit the organizer to put the prize value over $500 – $5000. If the gambling round consists of a $100 fr entry-fee then the prize should not exceed above $500. The Class 2 Gambling Act applies to society and not an individual. You don’t need to obtain a license because it is considered a private event.

  1. C) Class 3

Class 3 gambling should not have a total value exceeding over $5000.

  1. D) Class 4

Class 4 Gambling Act makes it clear that Class 3 & Class 4 form of gambling requires a license.

In short, you cannot perform or organize gambling rounds without obtaining a license from the government.

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Bottom Line

NZ has enforced laws & regulations against gambling due to historical events that occurred in the past. Every citizen should respect it because the 2003 Gambling Act came to force. After all, it was a result of many disastrous events that happened in the past.

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