You can now use WhatsApp Web without connecting your phone

In addition to the name change, Meta products introduce new updates to Enjoy the users, and this time it’s WhatsApp’s turn.

The instant messaging service can now be enjoyed without the need to connect the cell phone to the computer. This means that The web version will remain in the past as we know it.

according to thirteen bits Although I only knew before It’s been in the face of beta, and it’s starting to show up on almost all devices.


The update allows users to stay connected, even with the phone turned off. It can also be used with four devices on the same computer at the same time.


Those interested in taking advantage of this new feature should install the latest version of the app from the PlayStore.

For iOS, this is version; On the desktop, version 2.2140.12 and on the web, version 2.2142.12.

Once installed, it can be accessed in the Configuration tab, Followed by “Paired devices” and finally by clicking “Pair device”.


Like the previous version, they only need to scan the QR code to migrate the contacts from the device to the computer.

Then there will be no need to keep the cell phone connected to the Internet, Because the app is suitable to operate as a standalone provider.

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Are there other changes coming?

Although this option was available on other servers Like Telegram, it means a new achievement for WhatsApp fans.

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MetaVerso is expected to be accompanied by others Changes in the app to ensure a more complete and immersive experience.

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