3 months free internet from Jio and Airtel: Adei.. Anyone send this WhatsApp Forward to Ambani! – The fake WhatsApp message distributes the claims of Jio Airtel, and the sixth provides free internet for 3 months. Check details


  • Once again, the fake WhatsApp message is going viral!
  • In the name of getting free internet this time!
  • This is also from Jio, the Airtel matrum Vi companies!

Reliance is one of the top three telecom operators in India geoAnd the airtel V (Vodafone-Idea) is virally spreading a WhatsApp message that they are offering free internet for three months with the aim of helping the culture of online segregation created by the impact of Covid-19 Second Wave and Lockdowns!

Warn! Are you sure you want to run this on Google? Off Bana is good!

“This is an initiative of the Government of India and the idea of ​​providing free internet for three months to educate children online,” the letter added.

Is this true?

Do not bother – it is not true. This is a fake WhatsApp message.

Plan like this for only 150 rupees! Why plans 399 rupees and 499 rupees now?

There is a link in this fake WhatsApp message, avoid clicking on it, it’s basically a trick to steal your personal data and hard-earned money.

In fact, we recommend that you avoid any unverified WhatsApp messages containing suspicious/unofficial links.

Delete these messages immediately and do not forward them for any reason.

This is one of the easiest ways hackers use to trick users into infecting their devices and stealing their personal information.

This fake WhatsApp message, which comes under the name Free Internet, urges you to quickly select (i.e. click on the link) without saying that it is only valid until June 29th.

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This is not the first time that these fake WhatsApp messages have spread, over the past few months, online scams on WhatsApp have been on the rise.

At a time like this, users need to be careful and smart in spotting these fake WhatsApp messages.

In most cases, fake messages or online scams will try to lure users with free offers. This time the hackers lured users under the name of getting free internet from the country’s largest telecom companies.

Some tips to spot fake WhatsApp messages:

– Most of the prevalent messages claiming to be a free or free service are fake.

WhatsApp messages containing unverified links with suspicious websites should be avoided. Never click on unofficial links.

Check for grammatical errors in incoming messages. There will be no grammatical/spelling problems in the official information or announcements.

– Do not trust most of the forwarded WhatsApp messages, in most cases they are fake. You should not send such messages to others.

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