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Magdala (IDEA) – The pastor of the Evangelical Church of Central Germany (EKM) goes in an unusual way to “talk about God and the world” with people. Janet Schorig (Magdala near Jena) currently leads the so-called “travel room church” to parishioners in her parish Magdal/Buch (church area Jena) under the motto “Three Words on Four Wheels”.

As announced by EKM, Schurig always has publications, media materials, devotional books and hymn books as well as a coffee pot in her luggage. The advertising film – which decorates the car – was donated by a car dealership. For example, it says on the lid of the box: “The church opens the lid.” Every appointment will start with sincerity.

“What a baker can do, I can too”

According to Schorig, there are hardly any public meeting places such as restaurants or shops in rural areas, but the baker’s car drives around so people can get bread. “So I thought what a baker could do, I could too,” said the priest. She found that the parishioners would like to spend more time with her, but after the service she has no time for conversations because she has to carry on.

According to EKM, it is currently responsible for approximately 1,200 parishioners in 14 villages. With the Luggage Room Church, Schurig wanted to create a “meeting place” because regular contact with people was very important to her. According to the pastor, leaving the church is often justified by the fact that there is no personal contact with the pastor. “I want to be visible, and it’s nice to see people enjoying that.”

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The response varies from village to village. Sometimes it’s social meetings, sometimes it relays information, and sometimes “real pastoral care” is necessary, Schorig says.

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