Luna Park, the new Italian Netflix series between puzzles and family tangles

luna park netflix

Netflix shoot the new teaser From the series (visible above), whose story is told in 6 episodes, as a guiding thread for the search for the truth that has been hidden for years, and which sees the light thanks to the confrontation that fate wants. In fact, the encounter between Nora, a little round girl, and Rosa, a girl from the well of Rome, leads two families, at the opposite of each other, to look back to clarify their future.

In Luna Park, the fates of several generations alternate and intertwine, in a path made of intrigue and secrets where the discovery of first love will also find its place.

All seasoned with retro flavour, a true dive into Rome’s past in the 1960s, between the charm of Dolce Vita and that of Luna Park.

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The series was created and written by Isabella Aguilas (darling place) and sees behind the camera Leonardo D’Agostini (Silver Ribbon for Best New Director of 2019 for the sample) NS Anna Nigerian (paby).

the family Marine, which includes Nora, performed by Simona Tabasco (Happiness has arrived, I’m Bastardi de Pizzofalcone, Doctor) be seen Tommaso Ragno In the role of his father Antonio, Milvia Marigliano (On my skin, they are 2) in his grandmother Miranda. Mario Sigolia (Hero, Summer) He is Ettore’s uncle Ludovica Martino (Under the Riccione sun, Skam Italia), his mother is Stella.

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the family Gabrielle written by Leah GrecoAnd who first appeared in a TV series as Rosa, Guglielmo Poggi (I can stop whenever I want, welcome back Chief), as his brother Gigi, Paolo Calabresi As Tulio, father of Rosa and Gigi, E Fabrizia Sake (NSNice first thing, Suspiria) in that mother Lucia.

The events of the Marini and Gabrielli families are intertwined with the events of Baldi, a family of Lando, played by Michel Bevilacqua (Don Mathieu, the team), Doriana who has a face Guess Lorenza (Forever young, whatever), Matthew played with their two sons Eduardo Quinn Simon from Alessio Lapis (first king).

Also in the cast Julio Corso, as Sandro Raleigh, Matthew Olivetti In that Celeste while Alessandra Carrillo It’s Tina, Celeste’s mother. Gianfranco Gallo (indivisible

Gomorrah – Series), played by Fausto Minella, David Valley, in his prime, as Cesar Grotta, Roberto Evangelista In Caño Grotta, Caesar’s cousin, Julia Ricciardi In the role of Elvira. Lydia Vitali (subura) is Dominici, Sandro Ralli’s agent while Ellaria Loriga is joya.

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