Why watch a new movie that you’re not looking for on Netflix

Why watch a new movie that you're not looking for on Netflix

“Don’t look” is the same as saying “Covid doesn’t exist” in a new movie do not search By Adam McKay Available on Netflix December 24. Professor Mindy and doctoral student Kate DeBasky discover a comet the size of Everest that, in six months, will hit Earth, wiping out all of humanity. A shallow president and his narrow-minded entourage and deniers don’t take the news seriously, distracting the population with gossip and entertainment until it’s too late to act.

It’s hard to laugh when reality goes beyond imagination

McKay makes a comedy of the absurd in the name of black humor to highlight the weaknesses of the US government in emergency situations. Like those who have always denied the existence of Covid during this pandemic, or those who ignore the ongoing catastrophe of climate change that could still have dire consequences for our planet, the mighty in this movie, led by Meryl Streep They are cynical and despised, belittling reality by chasing power and money.


do not search It’s a sharp and funny satire, the daughter of the Trump presidency, even if the satire is now difficult, because reality often transcends fiction. A series of surreal and bizarre situations follow each other Leonardo DiCaprio e Jennifer Lawrence They are the heroes, demonstrating an unprecedented comic streak. Next to them cast stars with Mark Rylance, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill e Timothée Chalamet.

McKay’s anger

However, McKay makes a provocative, sexy, and ironic movie even if it looks like someone has squabbled in the editing room. It seems as if a political thriller has collided with a disastrous movie in a perpetual search for parody, explaining the director’s deep dissatisfaction, concern for the fate of the world and unlike many aspects of modern society, slaves to social media and greed. .

We are stupid, distracted, uninformed and naive beings, so we deserve the end and complete destruction. This seems clear beyond thinking do not search, highlighted by humorous dialogues, comic explanations and caricatures of various characters.

Certainly the over two hour duration is unexplained and the direction is a bit unsafe and makes the movie generally confusing, but in order to make the world think about its unsettling significance, do not search It is useful and worth watching despite its flaws.

Then it’s up to you whether you want to look it up or just ignore it and move on, hoping for a better future.

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