Fan suing giants, jets and the NFL

Fan suing giants, jets and the NFL

Munich / New York – Travel to the Big Apple and then experience a first-class sport in the city that never sleeps? Many sports fans will feel right at home.

It’s stupid, in the case of two NFL teams from New York, the Giants and Jets, who both play their games in East Rutherford, New Jersey, despite the name of the opposite team.

At first glance misleading, but reason enough to sue? The answer is yes. According to sports news site, a complaint has been filed by a concerned fan in the Southern District of New York.

Therefore, the New Yorker, Abdullah Soiro, filed a lawsuit against the two teams, the league and the stadium, for false advertising, fraudulent intrigue and illegal conspiracy.

File a lawsuit against billions of giants and planes

In a lawsuit drafted by attorney Evan Spencer, Soiro hopes his case will eventually be recognized as a class action on behalf of similarly affected fans. These are allegedly “damaged” by the fact that the so-called “New York” teams play their home games in the Garden State. Suero is seeking $2 billion in damages and a $4 billion fine.

The lawsuit goes on to say that “many NFL fans would not attend Giants games or live planes if they were warned in advance that they were playing in New Jersey.” He said fans face “expensive and time-consuming transportation costs” on their way from New York to New Jersey.

The round trip takes an average of four hours or more on match day and is very expensive, either by public transportation or by car.

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Tolls for bridges, tunnels, the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway exceeded $16, according to the report. A trip or taxi can cost $125 or more. Huge amount to enjoy the games – and it doesn’t even include ticket prices.

However, it’s not just the physical damage to fans of Big Blue and Ganggreen.

Fan Shikani indictment against giants and planes

Even worse for Giants and Jets fans is that they are “humiliated, ridiculed, harassed, tortured and intimidated by NFL fans across the United States because the Giants and Jets are from New York State and not their actual home, New York Jersey.”

The lawsuit said the alleged “harassment” contributed to fans suffering “psychological and emotional damage including depression, sadness and anxiety, as well as impaired and impaired euphoria, self-confidence, shelter, entertainment, group affiliation and family needs.”

Moreover, the defendants are accused of the fact that viewers of plane games and giants on television are victims insofar as they are given a “false impression” of the true location of the teams. At the same time, New York State and New York City will lose taxes and jobs if teams do not play in the Empire State.

but that is not all. The lawsuit withdraws settlements outside of New York state and charges other NFL teams with misleading positioning in the team’s name.

Other NFL teams with “cheat sites” included in the lawsuit

The complaint said planes and giants were not the only ones facing geographic inconvenience. The Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington, the Washington soccer team plays in Landover, Maryland, and the San Francisco 49ers play in Santa Clara.

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Swiro sees allocating teams to larger markets as part of a broader plot to “artificially inflate revenue and value” from the NFL franchises. This alleged conspiracy, according to the lawsuit, also fraudulently leads to higher prices for tickets, fan articles, and memorabilia.

However, whether the lawsuit has any chance of success can be seriously doubted. According to the report, the defendants’ clearest defense is that the lawsuit does not describe an unlawful act.

Defendants can argue that linking the team’s name to an adjacent site is not against the law and does not mislead consumers. In America, companies enjoy a great deal of secrecy when it comes to naming.

sequel follows.

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