Why is it dangerous to delete the unsupervised SNS app “Parler” from the App Store? Gigasin

Social Networking Service (SNS) opened in 2018Talk“Is the contentmoderationService claims not to do this forever. Apple Parler warns, “If you don’t remove the offending content, we’ll remove the app from the App Store within 24 hours.”

Apple tells Parler it has 24 hours to clean or remove the house

Apple says it will kick Parler from the App Store within 24 hours unless content is moderated – 9to5Mac

During the 2020 US presidential election, Twitter and other social media focused on modifying content to prevent the spread of false information about the election. It was greatly affected by the moderation of the contentTrump camp that continues to make extremist statementsSo under Parler who believes in moderationPresident Trump’s supporters are ferventIt has become something.

It was revealed that Apple had warned Parler that “if you do not remove the offending content, we will remove the app from the App Store within 24 hours.” Apple said in an email, “Parler shall be responsible for all user-generated content on the service and responsible for ensuring that this content meets the App Store’s guidelines for user safety and protection.” There is no way to distribute apps that provide dangerous and harmful content. On the App Store, prompting Parler to remove the offending content.

Apple cites “problematic content” as content about a case in which President Trump supporters attacked the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 local time. The attack came from “President Trump pushing his supporters to the Capitol Building.”It had been mentioned

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Movie scene of a case in which Trump supporters invade the U.S. Parliament, and a woman is shot dead – GIGAZINE

As a result, services like Facebook, Twitch, and Shopify quickly blocked President Trump’s account indefinitely …

Facebook, Twitch, Shopify suddenly fire President Trump indefinitely – GIGAZINE

At first, Twitter also only blocked posts related to the issue, but eventually suspended President Trump’s account permanently.

Twitter permanently blocks Donald Trump’s BAN-GIGAZINE account

After these moves, Apple is asking Parler to remove the offensive content, leaving content related to the Capitol attack on the platform as is. … Apple said: “The issue content posted on Parler, the Parler app is being used to plan, coordinate and facilitate the riots that took place in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, leading to loss of life. There have been many criticisms and complaints about it. Parler continues to use it to plan and promote illegal and dangerous activities, ”he said in an email.

In the email, Apple lists many of the “problematic content” posted on Parler.

Apple warns that Parler will be removed from the App Store if these posts are not removed within 24 hours. Apple told Parler, “Please remove any offensive content from the app and send us a revised version for review. This type of content says,” Attached to our letter. It includes case-like content, content that may cause harm or attack on government facilities now or in the future, and in response to this message, supervise and filter the content from the application. We need to provide a “how” and “more information about what to do to improve this kind of spam moderation and content filtering.” “

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Apple is a parlerApp Store Review GuidelinesIndicates that it conflicts with “1.2 user-generated content” from.

App Store Review Guidelines – Apple Developer

1.2 User Generated Content
Apps with user-generated content can encounter some issues, such as intellectual property infringement or anonymous harassment. To prevent abuse, apps with user-generated content and social networking services must contain:

・ Measures to prevent inappropriate content from being posted on the app
・ A mechanism that allows users to report inappropriate content and respond to it quickly.
・ Ability to block users who behave inappropriately
・ Developer contact information that users can contact instantly

Dan Bongino, a partner at Parler, accused Apple of these moves, saying, “This is an ideological decision, not a principled decision.” In addition, he called on Parler users to “spread information about this devastating decision regarding civil liberties.”

At the time of writing the article, Parler is still installable from the App Store, but has already been removed from Google Play, the official Android app store.

Parler-Google Play app

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